Palestinian refugees march to protest further settlements and crackdowns by Israeli forces


The following links provide a good starting point in furthering the cause of the displaced and refugees in Palestine. By arming yourself with both knowledge, and the methods to help further, you can help make a difference for these people.

1. WI’AM- Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center

This site focuses on Palestinian efforts to build peace and autonomy by developing relationship both within the Palestinian community and bridging out to others. They offer programs for all, including outreaches to children and women that focus on diplomacy, mediation and dealing with trauma.

2. – Palestine/Israel

This site offers and in depth look at the conflict between Israel and Palestine and the overall search for a solution. This site features sections describing the conflict’s history, causes, historical and current disputes and much more. Ideal for gaining a foundation of knowledge on the issue.


Peace it Together is an organization that focusing on uniting and informing youth and creating a dialogue about specific conflicts through multimedia and film efforts. One of the issues this organization has dealt with recently is the chasm existing between Israel and Palestine.


The United Nations web site. With Palestine currently vying for official statehood recognition from the United Nations and with peacekeeping process between Palestine and Israel still ongoing at the hands of the UN, this site is useful for keeping apprised of the newest initiatives, directives and issues arising between Israel, Palestine the UN and the global community.


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