About Me

About Me

Hello site visitor, first let me thank you for clicking through. My name is Ransom Cozzillio. I’m a communications student at Cabrini College in Radnor, Pa. My purpose is telling stories, usually with writing, and the newspaper I write for allows me that outlet.

This site was designed and built to tell a story in a different way, through different media and to a different audience. I created it as part of my senior convergence class, which focuses on social justice issues and the improvement of the world by improving in those areas of injustice.

To that end, this site aims to paint an oft-ignored picture. Most of us have heard or read about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. Few, it seems, have considered it closely, or from both sides of the struggle. For that reason, I aim to present the plight of the Palestinian refugees and internally displaced people. Not as the only side to a story, but as a story nonetheless.

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